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Deeply rooted in downtown Vineland, both of our locations are a place where you can find relaxation, rest and FAMILY. We strive to not only  provide your services with EXCELLENCE,

but to make you feel your BEST inside and out. 

Our goals for Rosario's Salon & Spa, Rosario's barbering and any future growth is 

to stay rooted in our vision :

Loving and serving our community well, and investing in the next generation.

ho we are


"Mom, you want to open up a barbershop"? 

Back in Summer 2018, Kimberly Medio and her son Joseph, opened up the doors of Rosario's barbering, with one dream in mind:

Loving and serving our community well, and investing in the next generation.

Taking on their grandfathers name "Rosario", Rosarios barbering launched its very own original brand in Vineland, NJ. Following in the footsteps of many in his family, Joseph naturally mastered the art of Barbering and with the support of  his big ITALIAN family, Rosario's barbering is growing into an establishment filled with QUALITY expert services, walking in integrity and CHARACTER, all while preserving the TRADITION of barbering from one generation to the next.

"From housewives, to business owners"? 

 In June of 2021, Kimberly partnered up with her cousin Abby Behrens, in an adventure no one saw coming!

Rosarios Salon & Spa was adopted into the "Rosario's" family.

With Kimberlys knowledge and experience in the Industry, and Abbys creative and technical mind, these two have started something that is EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS!

The future is BRIGHT, and as we strive to  Love and serve our community well, and invest in the next generation, we invite you to come be apart of the beautiful things God is doing within and around Rosario's.


ow we started

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